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Titanium quartz

this stone of  life force and vitality and humor


Titanium Quartz is the Name given to this magical looking quartz that has undergone a treatment bonding  titanium vapors with the crystal surfaces.  This stone Releases a significantly different energy from untreated quartz; it projects strength, mental acuity and physical power Making one feel grounded centered and energized all at once.  Titanium Quartz encourages one on all levels to have fun and enjoy life.  It even seems to have the power to make handling the mundane world easier by enhancing ones sense of humor and capability to cope. By allowing one to enjoy life for what its worth, titanium Quartz is beneficial for taking on greater responsibilities and challenges without feeling burdened. It awakens the mind as well as the body making it especially useful in reactivating the sluggish immune system. 


Affirmation I embrace life with joy, enthusiasm and good humor and I feel the flow of life energy running strong through me

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