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what i do and why i do it

about me

My name is Amelia and I am the maker and designer of feather and stone jewelry. I have always had a passion for wildlife and the treasures Mother Nature and humans leave behind. My father shared the same passion by collecting everything he deemed beautiful.


After he passed away, my mother and I were left to sort through all of his findings. In one box, I came across my grandfather's world war ii shell casings, as well as crystals that my father had been collecting his whole life. When I went to pick up one of the gun shells, a beautiful green emerald fell out -- two generations of memories fit perfectly inside one another. Immediately I made it into a necklace and wore it around for months. It wasn't until I lost it that I realized I should make more and share their beauty with others.


With this job I have been able to take otherwise forgotten treasures such as feathers, stones (hints the name), seashells, gun shells,

coins, fossils, bones and so much more and turn them into functional, affordable art.

about my materials

all of my materials are made or found in the united states.  My feathers are collected from farms all over north carolina and no birds are hurt in the process.  my stones on the other hand come from around the world.  i travel up and down the east and west coast attending  gems and minerals shows searching for fine specimens, crystals, minerals and fossils that fit into the gun shells. 

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