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Tigers eye

stone of mental clarity and balance


     Tigers eye is a Silicone dioxide mineral including iron and formed from Quartz. Tigerseye can be found near iron bands mainly in South Africa but smaller quantities have been found in China the USA Brazil Burma and India. Tigers eye Stimulates the root chakra and solar plexus encouraging vitality practicality and physical action.  Wearing tigers eye can help one remain calm and centered while taking action in response to lifes needs and challenges, it can even give one the strength and courage to endure fatigue and discouragement and keep moving with a clear mind.  Along with its powers to provide mental clarity, Tigers eye is well known for its ability to maintain balance between physical, emotional, and spiritual extremes. It can Help one see both sides of an argument and find a common ground.  This makes tigereye great for bringing harmony to relationships that revolve around disagreements or difference of opinions like parent/teacher/boss. Tigers eye is even know for balancing hormones using biochemistry

Affirmation I act with confidence, clarity, balance, fairness, enthusiasm, and strength

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