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  Magnesite is a Magnesium carbonate mineral that Forms in sediments, hydrothermal veins, and metamorphic rocks.  Although magnesite can be found in many countries, Some of the finest specimens come from minas Gerais, Brazil.  The stone itself is Naturally white or cream in color but most commonly is sold after dying it a variety of colors.  Magnesite is One of the most powerful stones for activating the third eye and crown chakra. It's strong storm element energy has a direct effect on the brain; enhancing function, activating psychic senses, and increasing consciousness.  Magnesite is said to be a Powerful teacher for expressing feelings and letting go. It's even said to have to powers to relieve muscle spasms and tension caused by stress as well as sensitive skin.


Affirmation I open my innereye to higher truth and I awaken my full potential

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