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Bloodstone has many names inlcluding heliotrope, sun stone, and christs stone.  It is a combination of red jasper iron oxide inclusions and green chalcedony.  Legend has it bloodstone was formed during the crucifixion of jesus Christ and that Christs blood gives the stone its red highlights.   Bloodstones use for healing and detoxification date back 5000 years ago to Mesopotamia.  The stone would be dipped in cold water and placed on the body to aid circulation, prevent injury and disease, stop the flow of blood, and help cure any wound.  For this reason ancient warriors would often carry or wear bloodstone as a amulet of protection and victory.  In more practical circumstances bloodstone can provide motivation and revitalize the mind and body when exhausted making this the perfect talisman for athletes or anyone testing their endurance.  Bloodstone helps increase mental clarity and decision making skills while encouraging creativity and understanding. 

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