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Aquamarine is known for its calming properties makling it perfect for relieving anxiety and stress

Aquamarine is a Beryllium aluminum silicate mineral and its color comes from minute traces of iron. The name derives from the  latin meaning ‘water of the sea’ which is an accurate description of aquamarines magical blue-green color and clarity.  Ancient folklore describes the stone as mermaid treasure and was used as a talisman for the sailors bringing them good luck, fearlessness and above all protection.  Aquamarine aligns all chakras and opens the third eye, but it is most often called upon for its ability to clear the throat chakra and Facilitate The most truthful  communication. This is achieved by bringing one to a stressless state of mind in which one is able to articulate their feelings and wisdom with clarity and conviction.   This makes aquamarine beneficial for breaking self defeating habits and letting go of emotional baggage by forcing one to be honest with not only others but oneself.  aquamarine is also well known  for its calming and cooling powers making it the perfect stone for soothing anger and anxiety.   Aquamarine has also been said to be useful in treating all inflammatory diseases like laryngitis and strep throat while soothing skin disorders like eczema and rosacea.

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