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Golden apatite

stone of creation clarity confidence and manifestation

         Golden apatite is a Calcium phosphate mineral found in brazil, Burma, Madagascar, sri Lanka, india, Mexico, Greenland, Canada, and the  usa. The name  Apatite comes from the greek word meaning to deceive, which is likely describing the large color variety found for apatite.  Golden apatite helps one develop assertiveness and confidence and enhances ones ability to take in and digest new information. With that said wearing golden apatite is Great for facing fears, developing self confidence, and renewing a sense of self worth and even benefits those who need clarity about what one really wants out of life.  It Helps one find the courage to take risks and the clarity to take the right risks on or off the court.  Assists in organizing thoughts in order to put them into action And connecting to passions and dreams.  The high energy level given off by golden apatite even assists in detoxification, weight loss and increased metabolism

Blue ApatiteApatite is composed of the mineral phosphate making up the teeth and bones of all vertebrate animals.  The name apatite derived from a greek word meaning “to deceive” because of the variety of colors and formations which occur make it easy to mistake for other minerals. Blue Apatite is known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals.  It has the ability to clear confusion, apathy, and negativity and replace them with improved concentration creativity and motivation. 

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