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   Rose quartz

quinessential stone of love


Rose quartz is considered the Quintessential stone of love-love for oneself, ones life partner, children, family friends community the earth the universe and the divine.  It's also considered one of the most powerful as well as influential stones of our time. It         works by activating the human heart chakra and linking it with that of the earth and the universe. The love vibrations in rose quartz are so strong they penetrate down to a cellular level reprograming cells for longevity and happiness rather then fear and hate.   It soothes anxiety and heals the heart by dissolving isolation and reawakening trust allowing one to not only give but receive compassion love and kindness.  This stone  is very beneficial to use, wear, or meditate with keeping the energy of love in focus and In the highest state of harmony. As a Talisman of love, rose quartz can spread compassion and gentle understanding throughout the world making this stone a perfect gift for anyone even a stranger.  

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