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Aqua aura quartz

aqua aura quartz is Produced when clear quartz undergoes a process in which its surfaces are bonded with vaporized or finely powdered gold to create a magical blue surface with a hint of iridescent rainbow features.  Its name is derived from the rich aquamarine color as well as the many characteristics the stones share, making this stone a fusion of nature and science. Like aquamarine, aqua aura quartz is known to calm anger, relieve stress, depression and anxiety and enhance truthful communication and spiritual wisdom.  The stone itself is known to improve one’s abilities to express their true emotions  letting ones inner beauty to shine through.  It can also aid in the release of negative energy, bringing inner peace to anyone one that wears or possesses it. 


affirmation My auric field is filled with peace and well being; I am protected from harm and attuned to the vibrations of the higher worlds

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